Thursday, June 19, 2014

Rocky! Rocky! Rocky! Yo.

          I felt like Rocky the morning. I got up before 6, had some eggs, and did some road work. Except the eggs were cooked over easy, had a side of bacon, and I walked down the pavement to get the paper. It’s a stretch but I am seeing the parallels.    

Meet Sports Philosopher:

     Chris Powers, is; a high school science teacher, an 18 year basketball coach, a 17 year active basketball player, a graduate student in educational leadership, a biomedical science degree holder, a midwesterner living in the south, and a fan of excellence in sports or life.  He aspires to be a college basketball coach, an educational leader, a published author, and a competitive swimmer. He recently started a non-profit organization called Coop Basketball AAU for kids who can not afford to play on the high profile travel teams.
     Most of all he want to contribute a verse once his powerful play called life is over.