Sunday, July 13, 2014

Closed for Business

The Sports Philosopher does not have anything to say to today. I am at a Starbucks writing a paper for my graduate course due in 3 hours. So instead I will leave you with the following statement: LeBron James...

That is all

Meet Sports Philosopher:

     Chris Powers, is; a high school science teacher, an 18 year basketball coach, a 17 year active basketball player, a graduate student in educational leadership, a biomedical science degree holder, a midwesterner living in the south, and a fan of excellence in sports or life.  He aspires to be a college basketball coach, an educational leader, a published author, and a competitive swimmer. He recently started a non-profit organization called Coop Basketball AAU for kids who can not afford to play on the high profile travel teams.
     Most of all, once his powerful play called life is over, he just wants to contribute a verse.