Sunday, October 12, 2014

Common Acts

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     This wrestler, a high school student, believes what I believe. The philosophy that common acts of decency should be stressed but it should be the norm rather than the exception. The praise he said he received should not be praised but expected. I was also proud to hear he was the product of a military family.
     I coached a player who was signed by a Division 1 program. It was the beginning of basketball tryouts, and a young foreign exchange student who looked as if he had never played the game before was attempting to make the team. At the end of the tryout for that day, we had a conditioning drill as the usual practices had ended for me for years. Basically, it was sprints, and on the last sprint the inexperienced young player was coming down the home stretch. As a side, the football players had just finished practice and started to line the sidelines to catch the end. There were 20 guys on the sideline, and 20 guys trying out for the team that day.
     Again as the young player came down the stretch his muscles began to falter and the motor neurons stopped firing correctly. He fell over his toes and hit the ground flat. I was pleased that there were no breakouts of laughter in the gym. The talented player going to play college basketball finished the sprint, and turned around to see the young player on the ground. Without thinking he ran over to pick him off the ground. We teach the players to run after a fellow teammate that have fallen and pick them up. However, for some reason I was touched by this, and it was a moment that will remain remarkable. I was pleased to see, upon confronting the talented player, that he didn't think much about it, and he thought it was something you should do exemplifying my beliefs, as was the beliefs of the student in this video. Enjoy watching the video above. (Click "Character Video")

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