Thursday, March 10, 2016

It's Going to Happen

     Many times, sometimes, or seldom it takes people a great deal of internal motivation to get going in the direction they need to go. Negative thoughts, doubts, or just stagnation can become an internal debilitation that can keep each of us from getting something out of ourselves that we are capable. Then there are those stretches that you feel that you are on fire. You are helping others in a positive way, and feeling good about yourself. You feel the things you are doing leads to betterment both emotionally and for your life as a whole. However, it's going to happen. That day that something happens with something or someone that you don't think you deserve. Your faith in others and your own judgement will falter, and the doubt becomes bigger. You question your ability and blame others for your plight as well. You may take a day to say, "I will take a step back", and then a day becomes two, then three, and pretty soon the path you were on starts to fade away with your positivity. It's going to happen, but don't let it.
     I have had enough, for myself; not comparing this to others, but just my own life experience, to say, "when is the falling backwards going to stop." Kind of like the drive through at Starbucks in the morning, it never ends. (Just park the car and go in, it's faster.) When you feel, or hopefully recognize this is happening, put it into perspective, was it me? What is the real effect of what happened? and, How long will it take to resolve?
    Another, "it's going to happen", can work in a way that can handcuff your own path. For example, you feel that when things are going well, you think, what can happen that will derail my good momentum? Self defeating, yes, but those that can overcome this find the path gets better. For a sports blog, for me, it is my path to coaching. The fear that my life will become to difficult for the sacrifices that are needed to do what I am passionate about. Sometimes it may not be practical for kids that may have opportunities overseas to play ball. For that, I have no real solution other than to be honest with yourself and communicate with those who love you to work out what you want to accomplish. Of course, some things aren't feasible and alienation can occur based on your real life responsibilities, but can you sacrifice? that is up to you, but it's going to happen.

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