Sunday, July 26, 2015

Breast Cancer Awareness and Sports Philosophy

Photo by Chris Powers
Nature Pays Homage to Breast Cancer Sufferers
When my grandfathers, and grandmothers all had past, I kept a few keepsakes in remembrance. The sports world remembers it's past warriors that have succumbed to illness or tragedy.  Sports has an affinity for those that have contributed so much to the game.
Is it because those that have been able to get through life unscathed by personal tragedy feel they need to pay their sympathies or pay respect to those they admire? Or is it that we know someone close to us that has faced breast cancer tribulations? As in the photo posted in this blog of the pink clouds, it is of our nature to love initially. Hate is taught to us. Racial, personal difference or other learned hate is passed down. Those who hate the Cowboys; for their past brash arrogance, or the Baltimore Ravens; for stealing a beloved franchise, are holding on to 'keepsakes' that stirs the destructive emotions and energy zapping frustration and negativity. Maybe it was passed down from others.
Bubba Watson Clubbing Up to Pink

"Wherever there is a human being there is room for kindness." -Seneca

          The NFL's, MLB's, NHL's, NCAA's, NBA's etc.; players, coaches, fans, and all others are considered humans just like I am so golden rules apply. Kids all know this before they learn behaviors that you treat others the way you are to be treated, love your brothers and sisters, and you aren't supposed to judge even if you disagree. The pink display shows solidarity for others in the human experience that are fighting against an opponent with which a loss can mean their life is taken away. Their loss from this opponent, cancer, is truly life or death.

Kay Yow, Read About Her
          I have heard ill statements like: This pink symbolism, has no place in the game. Unfortunately it is the ultimate game. Throwing beverages on opposing fans at games, and getting ejected from a stadium has no place in the game or is that how we all want to be treated?
I'm not one to judge. I was asked to leave the sidelines as a coach once in my 16 years of coaching by a very kind official. I merely was in disagreement, I didn't hate but expressed my disagreement that interfered with the game. (No derogatory comments though.)
My Great Cousin's Foundation
Kay Yow's Team
          My point in regards to fans wearing jerseys in the stands not being part of the game, is due to fans do not get to play. However, wearing game jerseys is still cool. I wish I had more. The fans' role is to support the team by showing support by wearing them, and that is the same as wearing pink. Some show support by yelling at opposing teams and opposing fans. Those types of example are what I would rather not see in my players because it would sacrifice some of their playing time, unless they understood where I stand on this issue, and mimicked as closed to perfection as they could. 
          How then shall I show my allegiance, support, and love for my team? Root hard and support my team, and that seems rudimentary; but do that because there is no need to degradate, or hate the opponent nor their fans. People will know who you follow. 
          So regardless of how tired of the symbolism that the pink garb brings every year that you may endure, remember there are people; women and men alike, that need to endure and overcome more than the Seattle Seahawks, or the North Carolina Tarheels, or Rory Mclroy, ESPN Broadcasters etc. in order to maintain a life that is normally taken for granted at some time during any human's day. 

"A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life." -Charles Darwin

In conclusion, as a service; I am posting a list of cancer charities to donate or read about.

Click to donate to the Kay Yow's Foundation
Click to donate to the Noreen Fraser Foundation
Click to donate to the Jimmy V Foundation

Mark Herzlich, A New York (Football) Giants' Linebacker Cancer Survivor


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