Friday, October 3, 2014

My Biggest Fan (Happy Mother's Day!)

          Mi Madre, the superlative fan of my playing days, and the destroyer of hundreds of Bill Cosby sweaters when I was playing the great game of basketball many years ago. She would sit next to my father, and; clutch, grab, and rip at his 80’s sweater sometimes causing him to move spots. The moments you remember in your life can be at times random. I had one of those moments with my mom in my junior year. After my sophomore year, teams had figured out who I was and started to game plan to slow me down. After the 3rd game, I was having a frustrating beginning to the season.
          My father was on his way home from being on the west coast, and I walked over to my mom before I was leaving home to get ready for that nights game. I told her that basketball this year wasn't easy, and that I need to raise my game or basketball would be a waning focus. With incredible insight my mother told me exactly what I needed to hear. It wasn’t, “Oh, it’s okay sweetie. You don’t have to do anything special to impress me.” It was, “Run out of that locker room, and take up the energy and focus to the next level.” That night I had my first 20+ scoring game of the season.                                                 

          My mother takes out 4 to 6 books from the library per week and returns after she has finished reading them in about a week. She would give me the last crumb if that were all that was left. Her best diet plan when I was a kid was to give to my brother and I before she would take care of herself. Even now she gives her time and effort to worthwhile causes. If my father didn’t reel her in at times, although my father does a lot for charity, she would give the roof of the house to someone that may be in need.

          Her career was not self-serving. She has served and counseled thousands of individuals with mood disorders, substance abuse issues, and victims of domestic violence for more than 35 years. I hear what she does in therapy and dealing with the folks she cares for and have tremendous reservations about how I could get through a week in her occupation. 
     Happy Mother's Day Mom, do something for yourself, and know that you are always loved by my brother and I. (You can proof read this if you want.)