Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Blame It On My ADD

Maybe too quick for our time.
“It gets late early out there."                           -Yogi Berra

At the request of a few readers I was prompted to explain why this is either funny or interesting. Since it was put so eloquently I will pontificate. 
In baseball, or in life, sometimes you get so far behind with doing what you are supposed to be doing to be successful, the deadline gets shorter exponentially not in the normal progression of time.

"Blame it on my ADD, baby." AWOLNATION

In baseball, usually you would like to throw your reliever in late in the game to protect a lead or stay close. Sometimes you are getting clobbered in the first two innings. Therefore, the quick witted Yogi, said his famous quote.

"However, I feel with today's instant access to entertainment gratification, some feel that if you can't understand something within a few download seconds it isn't worth the time to think any deeper." - Chris Powers

Whatever, you get from this quote, and other quotes this man has come up with, I find it to be hilarious. I really don't need a duck sitting next to him to make it funnier.

Aflac Duck. Thank you Gilbert Gottfried.