Thursday, February 11, 2016

You Think that I Thought I Could?!?

"We have a great bunch of outside shooters. Unfortunately, all our games are played indoors." 
Weldon Drew

          The jump-shot, the set shot, the free throw, the layup, the floater, the bank shot, the granny shot, the sky hook, the baby hook, the hook shot, the reverse layup, the half court shot, the 3/4 court shot, the full court shot, the 3-point shot, the 2-point shot, the midrange shot, the fade away, the double clutch, the dunk, the lay-in, the one hand under hand, the one hand over hand, or just the absolutely no shot.

          You usually can't find a player that is particularly versed in all types of shots. Those that are can usually be found in the hall of fame if they can combine that mastery with athleticism and size. Like baseball, golf, aspects of football; perfection can be strived for but never obtained.
          As Wilt Chamberlain states, people say practice makes perfect, but you can't make them all, can't they make up their minds?