Saturday, March 19, 2016

Concussion Rule. The Plea.

          What I have seen in the sports world, although the more that changes the more things stay the same, there are some great advances that I wish I had when I was playing. I intend not to judge others because I never can throw that first stone when it comes to being the one without sin. Although it may have been more, in the '90s I suffered two concussions. I was knocked out for more than 5 minutes each time. Within five minutes of being revived I was ready to play and did. (Please make your comments about how it all makes sense.) Which is why the sacrifices of college and professional athletes do not go unnoticed by myself and I never say that the targeting call in football and the concussion rules are less than
Everyone's tough until they get punched
manly. Mike Tyson said that everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. The pontification from the champ reminds me that I should try not to judge the calls when it comes to safety because even if it brings fame and fortune, my health is more valuable. Even though it is a warrior that can handle the job, but these warriors today usually have, a; wife and kid, or needs to go to class on Monday, or sometimes both. Also, the idea that you should not play the game if you can not handle the contact is akin to peer pressure when you do not want to drink at the party. I never heard a kid say in practice that he wants to be hit in the head several times until he is knocked unconscious to get ready for the next game.
          The most valuable thing I possess, and maybe others, is my mind. Where the mind goes the body follows, and any damage I may have incurred as an athlete that might lead me to a quicker state of dementia, knock on wood, will be something I pray will be avoided. I get angry when watching a game and I hear the yells from fans calling athletes or referees derogatory terms in regards to their sexuality when they look like there may be a safety issue. I tend to value human life and health a lot even if it is a teenager that needs to catch that pass over the middle to make me happy.
Junior Seau