Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Exploit This

"I knew I was dog meat. Luckily, I'm the high-priced dog meat that everybody wants. I'm the good-quality dog meat. I'm the Alpo of the NBA."
- Shaquille O'Neal
Up, up, and away!
          Exploitation is funny, it makes a cloudy day sunny, makes a bee think of honey just like I think of who? The previous rip off of a classic song brings up the topic of a touchy subject for players and workers of corporations or other business organizations. It seems sometimes that when you work, invent, or develop a new and better way to do something your work leads to more money to an organization without an increase in worth for you. Of course, the Shaqs of the world have a worth that is already monetarily superior to most, but people still want to feel appreciated or be paid what they perceive they are worth.
Straight cash, homey.
          For someone that works hard everyday, a company should celebrate the accomplishment of that person even if the pay is not increased. Positivity and recognition go a long way to make someone feel that they are doing the right things, no matter how unapproachable the person.
          In regards to athletes that are perceived to make too much money on a yearly basis or over time, you have to remember how willing people are to put money into what they do, thus creating justification for the money they are able to receive. The market bears the pay. The life of a person's athletic career is short lived, and sometimes the sacrifices players make justifies the means provided as well. 
I'd eat this if it means I would win
If you take away monetary awards for athletes, we wouldn't have the amount of people trying to achieve the goal of a professional sports career. I know people think that it is an absurdity that players make this amount of money for playing a game, but; the physical strain, time sacrifice, and family sacrifice is often forgotten. During high school, on a Friday night when some of my classmates went to house parties, I was in the gym working on basketball skills. There are many other examples of how I spent time on perfecting a game that didn't come easy, or at least some aspects of the game that didn't come easy. This focus for some student athletes will keep them away from a situation in which a bad decision can alter their life or the lives of others. Also, the motivation to do well in school or even stay in school to be able to play is created where; if not there, life success would be far from achieved. 

Another brick
           You might think diplomas and degrees should be the reason kids should strive for excellence, but the careers offered through traditional education might not provide what a student needs. The argument is out there that the traditional high school diploma or a liberal arts college degree doesn't provide a competitive advantage in the job market. Two year trade or tech schools can provide a better opportunity in comparison to most four year college liberal arts or other nonspecific degree that does not offer a specific niche when a kid leaves college. Getting a four year degree and higher does provide more income over an entire life span, but to start, it can be extremely difficult. The industrial age as we once knew it even in my lifetime is waning, and the need to create new skills and abilities is evident. Most schools are still designed after the 1920s. I am not a rebel by any means, but as a teacher that has worked for twenty five years in 5 different industries in the business world I see the disconnect at times.
          Keep in mind all of the wonderful things that have come our way that is all due to someone saying, "I'm going to try this in a different way." The athlete or coach isn't to blame for the way we value certain things, and the sports world teaches very valuable life lessons in many character aspects. It is very hard to duplicate that in a classroom. However, I will continue to try in my classroom or in the gym as a coach, and will hope my colleagues keep trying no matter how the classroom may change.
          In the end, the climate in sports may change, but life will evolve, and no one knows how. The fool thinks he/she is wise, and the wise thinks he/she is a fool, and one should never think he/she knows how things are nor how they will be. Remember if someone uses/exploits your talents in a certain way think of it as mostly a compliment but make sure you have what you need to pursue your happiness. I wish you all prosperity in wealth, and; in mind, in body, and in soul.