Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Make It

          If you can be honest with yourself about which one you are from this quote pictured without thinking about how someone else is, then you might be able to decide what you need to adjust. Or you can live, work, grow old, die and never even attempt to accomplish the things you feel you want or think you can do. Trust me, I haven't accomplished a lot of things I want and think I can do. Whether it is going to be the Nike slogan "Just Do It" that gets you going, or the less inspirational "Just Do It Only If It Is On Tuesday After I Finish the Holidays the Day Before I Go On Vacation For A Month So I Forget That I Wanted To Do It In The First Place" slogan brought to you buy everyone else who wants to stay in their comfort zone, but complains they are not doing what they want, then I guess it will happen to you if you want it to happen really slow.
          You don't have to 'just do it' to do what you want, but you need to start doing one thing, that one step to get you started when you aren't listening to others saying that you are not good enough, or crazy.
          "I walk into a college campus pool at middle age with competition shorts, goggles, and a cap. I know there are college kids that look and question my sanity, among other questions, but; when I finish, the only place where they remain in my life is in my head if I let it."
-Chris Powers

          I don't hold a chip on my shoulder. It's really not how I try to think. Every now and then I get that pat on the back, or even a tip or two on how to get better. When you go for what you want, the people that scoff will either go off and do their own thing and you won't see them as much, or there will be those that understand because they are trying to win themselves.