Monday, March 14, 2016

Bring on the Madness

"March is a month without mercy for rabid basketball fans. There is no such thing as a 'gentleman gambler' when the Big Dance rolls around. All sheep will be fleeced, all fools will be punished severely...There are no rules when the deal goes down in the final weeks of March. Even your good friends will turn into monsters."
- Hunter S. Thompson
Say it's not over.

          It's the Christmas/Holiday time of the year, and it is sometimes referred to as the most wonderful time of the year denoted in a title of a holiday song. I call the +NCAA Men's Basketball March Madness  the most wonderful time of the year. 
          For three weeks, it holds my attention, and provides the equivalent of what a person addicted to nicotine goes through during withdrawal when the final second of the championship game ticks off the clock.
          During the tournament, a fan's team might be knocked out, and that might be a good reason not to watch the rest of the dance unfold, but the tournament can provide enough inspirational stories on a yearly basis to provide the non or loyal fan with as much drama as a +TMZ broadcast.
The Texas Western ( +UTEP- The University of Texas at El Paso  ) Miners 1966 by Opie Otterstad
          The champions of the given year may not even be remembered by some, but the stories and events that unfold during the tournament can be recalled by a cavalier observer that has accidentally been caught up in the drama. From +Bo Kimble (+Loyola Marymount University) to Adreian Payne's (+Michigan State University) Princess Lacey, the tournament is a bowl of emotional soup.

"...bowl of emotional soup."

           The positive aspect the tournament can also bring is that the stage can show that these are student athletes and for 95% of the players on any team will not be on TV again to play the game they love. For some players that will not go to the NBA, they show tremendous heart and courage to take on foes that are earmarked for some kind of invitation to play professional sports. That for most is the essence of the tournament, will George Mason really be able to beat UCONN? Will the relatively less touted VCU beat +Duke Basketball? Personally, I come back to watch the next, "I've never seen that before.", moment.

Lacey Holsworth 11/30/2005 to 04/08/2014