Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Holiday Zone

Painting by Terry Redlin
          Do you have that not so holiday feeling? Do you think you let your family and friends down by not getting the great gift or throwing the best party? In sports, players and coaches feel that we have let our fellow brothers/sisters down either through the whole game or maybe just during practice or one single play. What you have to realize is that you are looking for the spirit of the situation rather than the physical manifestation of someones results.
          Many people throughout the holidays are looking for what in sports can be called the zone. A time in a game or a holiday where the feeling fills you up and everything that is around you is the way it should. A player in a zone can't miss a shot, or a drop a pass. For holidays, it is when that feeling that the world is by your side even if you don't have friends or family near you. The wish that all may feel loved during this time of year affects everyone. What we wish happens and what occurs in actuality should always be considered, and the disappointment of the player should be only augmented if the player seemed not to have the best intentions for the team.
          In regards to the 'zone', I captured the feeling in the first half of a high school game. It was a cross town rival but the stakes were not that high in this matchup. There were 16 minutes total in the first half and I totaled 25 point in that time. I went 5 for 5 from three point range, and 5 out of 6 from the field. The one miss I had was probably a coach pulling off balance turn around jump shot leaner from the elbow. And yes, even though I went 10 out of 11 from the field in the first half, the coach pulled me for the selfish shot. I didn't really disagree with him, because as I walked off he looked at me and we smiled in acknowledgement of the heat check.
Photo by Sherri Yezbick-Taylor
          What I experienced in the previous game recollection was what people call the zone. It seems that when you are in a zone, no matter what you try to do things come up positive. These holidays, I celebrate Christmas myself, have a different definition of what that means to people trying to find the loving spirit. Like the sports zone, I can't find the descriptive terms to put into words what I feel when the Christmas zone hits me. Is it the 'feeling like a child again' feeling? Or the, 'is there really magic in this world making sure we are all loved'?  It could be both, but the feeling that everyone you walk by during the holidays or may see throughout the world might have the same love for their fellow person and peace at heart gives someone a special positive feel that may be only generated once or twice a year.
          When a player is having a 'zone' type of a game, even an opponent sometimes will just look around and start smiling, because; when the zone hits someone, sometimes there is nothing you can do to stop the positive results from happening. That smile is what I hope the Holiday zone will bring all of those who can't stop the positive flow from happening. For all of you that take time to read Sports Philosopher, this is my wish to you, and take this as my Christmas card.
Happy Holidays, and peace & love to everyone from Sports Philosopher