Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sports and The Jedi

Star Wars, nothing but, Star Wars!
          Yes, my inner geek is coming to the surface, and I am going to make an analogy to the beloved Star Wars characters called the Jedi vs. the event that I will undergo this Saturday and Sunday.
          For three months, I trained for a swim meet for the State Championship of South Carolina for the US Masters Swimming organization.
You will be.
Okay, so I am middle aged and swimming in a competition for the first time, however, I played basketball all my life and have knees with the bone touching bone without an ACL in my right knee. There may be other ligaments missing but I know the ACL is gone. Therefore, swimming became my exercise of choice. I picked up workouts from google searches from Jason Lezak, Ryan Lochte, Michael Phelps, and Gary Hall Sr. and cut them down by 50%. I watched videos on +YouTube from Gary Hall Sr. from the +theraceclub. I also watched  +GoSwim videos for technique in the pool. In essence, I was my own coach. The internet is a powerful informational tool that can be used for good and not just for the Dark Side of the Force.
          Again, I am 42, and I hear Yoda in my ear telling me I am two old for the training. I will never be able to become a Jedi/swimmer. My aging body doesn't have enough recovery ability to get through a day to day training regimen. This is probably due to a low midichlorian count. (A midichlorian reference.) Olympic swimmer +Nathan Adrian was the Jedi Master that I watched on YouTube that brought balance to the force. Basically it was a really zen style, and I focused on the technique. (So don't sweat the technique.)

"Easy to say, hard to control."

Na na na na na na na na...
          It's the same in golf for me. It isn't the power and anger that help me play better, it is the calm approach and technique that raises my levels from awful to a hacker. Easy to say, hard to control.
          However, when the first pitch is thrown, and I am at the pool with my toes over the starting block; it's time to hike up the speedos and play ball like a wild man.