Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Four Corners: Dean Smith

          If you were rooting against the North Carolina Tarheels basketball team in the early 1980s, and you were losing by a couple possessions at the end of the game, it was time to panic. As soon as you would see 4 players get to each corner of the half court from the Tarheels and one guy in the middle, I could hear thousands of remote controls hitting the walls across the country in unison. It was over. There was no shot clock, and the North Carolina Tarheels were not going to give you the ball without shooting some free throws.
          With Dean Smith passing away at the age of 83 today, I have this nostalgic feeling about his coaching and can think of all the great superlatives that I can use to describe his life and coaching. I feel for his family and his players. Dean Smith seemed to be the guy that every coach tried to act or coach like, and the more I coach the more thoughts creep into my head about how in the heck he did it like that, and did it so well.
          I am going to post the video in dedication to Dean Smith, but I will say in this instance for Dean Smith, rest in the peace you brought to those that saw you on that bench and knew you were going to do the best that could be done. The peace was mostly with the Tarheel fans, but the class you brought most everyone who knew of you can appreciate your life and success.