Monday, February 22, 2016

NHL Playoffs!...High School Hockey Video!

I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out. That is what we used to say. You have to say it right, it's Hauw-key, when you got that right you can make the great pass from the point, screen off the goalie, tip the puck for the redirection, make a three line pass, and when you get off of the penalty and the +Chicago Blackhawks are at full strength you can shout, "And they still suck!!" Go +Detroit Red Wings FanPage.
Ah, +NHL hockey, nothing makes a midwestern boy in the south happier than seeing a kid asking questions about the game you used to play on the frozen pond outside in the state surrounded by the Great Lakes. I will never forget my first Red Wings v. Blackhawks game. It was at the United Center, and Chris Chelios and Darin McCarty threw the gloves to the ice when time expired. The verbal abuse from the crowd back and forth about who has the worst state, Michigan or Illinois, was just as heated.
I used to attend our high school's hockey games, and those guys were great athletes. As a basketball player I had nothing but respect for the game. When hits were made in hockey in our school, you didn't stand and taunt or jump around, you simply skated away and kept playing as if it was part of the game. (Hint: It is. So act like it.) So for now, without Foster Hewitt or Ron MacLean, let's drop the puck, and watch some high school "Hauwckey"!!