Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Clowney Town, Be There

Part of being on Sports Philosopher's staff is finding sports organizations that are making a difference. Perry Sutton and his crew have been changing lives for 30 years. It has impacted several NFL players, and have given thousands of kids an opportunity to build their skills and foundations for future success. Football City U.S.A., or better known as the beloved Rock Hill, South Carolina, is steeped in history while promising the best in the progressive spirit and cutting edge forward thinking we love in this country. From sanctioned BMX facilities, Bicycle Velodrome, state of the art soccer/lacrosse center, and a school district that is dedicated to putting a productive electronic device in the hands of all students K-12, most feel this southern city is rising.
Come out and support the tradition of the SC Demons and everything this great city offers, which is more than just football. (Says the basketball coach.) Be there June 18th and 19th.