Friday, July 31, 2015

NFL Rule Change

My son made the comment yesterday that when he has a kid, disregarding gender, that he is going to train him/her in the art of field goal kicking. Probably, the gene pool he was selected for wouldn't allow for Natural Selection for his offspring to be selected as a NBA Lottery pick or for a NFL running back contract. However, how many times have you sat on the edge of your seat watching the extra point that is needed at the end of a game to tie or win? You act like it isn't a big deal, but you know in the back of your mind that anything could happen.
Well, NFL, won't you back that kick up. The NFL ruled to move the extra point field goal to the 15 yard line from the traditional 2 yard line. 

As a competitive swimmer, I have learned to hold my breathe longer. I can offer tips if you would like.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Sports Philosopher: The Best Season

Sports Philosopher: The Best Season:           A few years ago, after 16 years as a volunteer basketball coach, before I was hired by a high school; I thought I would take a y...

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Breast Cancer Awareness and Sports Philosophy

Photo by Chris Powers
Nature Pays Homage to Breast Cancer Sufferers
When my grandfathers, and grandmothers all had past, I kept a few keepsakes in remembrance. The sports world remembers it's past warriors that have succumbed to illness or tragedy.  Sports has an affinity for those that have contributed so much to the game.
Is it because those that have been able to get through life unscathed by personal tragedy feel they need to pay their sympathies or pay respect to those they admire? Or is it that we know someone close to us that has faced breast cancer tribulations? As in the photo posted in this blog of the pink clouds, it is of our nature to love initially. Hate is taught to us. Racial, personal difference or other learned hate is passed down. Those who hate the Cowboys; for their past brash arrogance, or the Baltimore Ravens; for stealing a beloved franchise, are holding on to 'keepsakes' that stirs the destructive emotions and energy zapping frustration and negativity. Maybe it was passed down from others.
Bubba Watson Clubbing Up to Pink

"Wherever there is a human being there is room for kindness." -Seneca

          The NFL's, MLB's, NHL's, NCAA's, NBA's etc.; players, coaches, fans, and all others are considered humans just like I am so golden rules apply. Kids all know this before they learn behaviors that you treat others the way you are to be treated, love your brothers and sisters, and you aren't supposed to judge even if you disagree. The pink display shows solidarity for others in the human experience that are fighting against an opponent with which a loss can mean their life is taken away. Their loss from this opponent, cancer, is truly life or death.

Kay Yow, Read About Her
          I have heard ill statements like: This pink symbolism, has no place in the game. Unfortunately it is the ultimate game. Throwing beverages on opposing fans at games, and getting ejected from a stadium has no place in the game or is that how we all want to be treated?
I'm not one to judge. I was asked to leave the sidelines as a coach once in my 16 years of coaching by a very kind official. I merely was in disagreement, I didn't hate but expressed my disagreement that interfered with the game. (No derogatory comments though.)
My Great Cousin's Foundation
Kay Yow's Team
          My point in regards to fans wearing jerseys in the stands not being part of the game, is due to fans do not get to play. However, wearing game jerseys is still cool. I wish I had more. The fans' role is to support the team by showing support by wearing them, and that is the same as wearing pink. Some show support by yelling at opposing teams and opposing fans. Those types of example are what I would rather not see in my players because it would sacrifice some of their playing time, unless they understood where I stand on this issue, and mimicked as closed to perfection as they could. 
          How then shall I show my allegiance, support, and love for my team? Root hard and support my team, and that seems rudimentary; but do that because there is no need to degradate, or hate the opponent nor their fans. People will know who you follow. 
          So regardless of how tired of the symbolism that the pink garb brings every year that you may endure, remember there are people; women and men alike, that need to endure and overcome more than the Seattle Seahawks, or the North Carolina Tarheels, or Rory Mclroy, ESPN Broadcasters etc. in order to maintain a life that is normally taken for granted at some time during any human's day. 

"A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life." -Charles Darwin

In conclusion, as a service; I am posting a list of cancer charities to donate or read about.

Click to donate to the Kay Yow's Foundation
Click to donate to the Noreen Fraser Foundation
Click to donate to the Jimmy V Foundation

Mark Herzlich, A New York (Football) Giants' Linebacker Cancer Survivor


If RGIII, So Can You and Me

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Tweet

Photo Provided by +Newsday 

At Sports Philosopher, finding the good for the soul stories are a priority. The +MLB players provided just that, and it was the use of technology and social media that is predicted to be the end of civilization that provided the warmth.

"...the end of civilization."

It was the tweet heard 'round the league. A pitcher for the +New York Mets, Noah Syndergaad, beened Carlos Gomez of the +Milwaukee Brewers. After the game, the pitcher and the batter had this twitter exchange:

The age of reason speaks through forms of communication that were not around when I played. There were many times I wanted to send a message to a rival or a friend, and I would have to wait until I saw him or her weeks or months later if I didn't have their home number. Now your conscience/soul can be instantly brought to solitude in an instant. The exchanges can go the other way that can escalate horribly, but these things can happen for the best. With this good exchange, I can finally quote the band, Styx, "These are the best, of times!"

Good show Noah and Carlos, from us at Sports Philosopher.
(Thank you +Newsday)

Saturday, July 18, 2015

I Will

"In high school, in sport, I had a coach who told me I was much better than I thought I was, and would make me do more in a positive sense. He was the first person who taught me not to be afraid of failure." -Mike Krzyzewski

          What did I do? What am I not doing now? and, What do I want to do in the future?
          Aaron Kallhoff, +NCAA assistant coach of the Arkansas State Red Wolves Women's Basketball team, (+SunBeltConf) told me that I will get there someday. He didn't mean that I am going to succeed in life, he was referring to coaching, and particularly college coaching. It was the most positive thing I have heard mentioned about what I want to do in the future that is higher than the high school level. What I am doing now is attending graduate school, working as a high school science teacher, and tutoring for 4 hours after school professionally. I decided to take a year off of coaching basketball to focus on finishing the educational leadership masters degree, which will advance my professional career in spite of what other people have told me.

          In your life, in; sports, professional career, and home life; it is best not only to get the job or situation, but the right job or situation.  It may be the right time but wrong job/person/place, or the wrong time but right job/person/place, but the pursuit for what you want and need can never cease or you have been defeated. Yes, I have taken some jobs that I was forced to take in order to survive, and that also took me farther from what I wanted to be doing, in other words, there is no straight line. There are no straight lines in the stock market or your path in life. 
          Will the right time and situation happen for me and my goals? Maybe, and what Coach Kallhoff said brought about great peace of mind, but it is the pursuit of the goals that must be your pleasure, because if you "get there" life doesn't stop there. Continue your pursuits in all phases in life, and I wish everyone well on your pursuits of happiness and fulfillment.

Sports and The Jedi

Star Wars, nothing but, Star Wars!
          Yes, my inner geek is coming to the surface, and I am going to make an analogy to the beloved Star Wars characters called the Jedi vs. the event that I will undergo this Saturday and Sunday.
          For three months, I trained for a swim meet for the State Championship of South Carolina for the US Masters Swimming organization.
You will be.
Okay, so I am middle aged and swimming in a competition for the first time, however, I played basketball all my life and have knees with the bone touching bone without an ACL in my right knee. There may be other ligaments missing but I know the ACL is gone. Therefore, swimming became my exercise of choice. I picked up workouts from google searches from Jason Lezak, Ryan Lochte, Michael Phelps, and Gary Hall Sr. and cut them down by 50%. I watched videos on +YouTube from Gary Hall Sr. from the +theraceclub. I also watched  +GoSwim videos for technique in the pool. In essence, I was my own coach. The internet is a powerful informational tool that can be used for good and not just for the Dark Side of the Force.
          Again, I am 42, and I hear Yoda in my ear telling me I am two old for the training. I will never be able to become a Jedi/swimmer. My aging body doesn't have enough recovery ability to get through a day to day training regimen. This is probably due to a low midichlorian count. (A midichlorian reference.) Olympic swimmer +Nathan Adrian was the Jedi Master that I watched on YouTube that brought balance to the force. Basically it was a really zen style, and I focused on the technique. (So don't sweat the technique.)

"Easy to say, hard to control."

Na na na na na na na na...
          It's the same in golf for me. It isn't the power and anger that help me play better, it is the calm approach and technique that raises my levels from awful to a hacker. Easy to say, hard to control.
          However, when the first pitch is thrown, and I am at the pool with my toes over the starting block; it's time to hike up the speedos and play ball like a wild man.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

This Day in Sports History July 6th

This weeks 'This Day in Sports History' gives a double dose of history regarding Major League Baseball's +MLB mid-summer night's classic, the All-Star Game. We start by going to back to 1933, and then 50 years later to the 1983 for the mathematically challenged. I am going to plagiaristically (new word, contact Websters) take from the articles on the website: Sports History Today and there is a video to accompany the article.

"First All-Star Game Babe Ruth Homers July 6, 1933

The First All-Star Game was played in 1933 at Comiskey Park, in Chicago. Never intended to be an annual event, its whole purpose was to lift attendance at the struggling Chicago Worlds Fair.
While the “Century of Progress” World’s Fair was in full swing, anevent occurred on this day that changed baseball history: the first All-Star game. A few months earlier, Chicago Mayor Edward J. Kelly had gone to Col. Robert R. McCormick, publisher of the Tribune, with an idea. He wanted to arrange a sports event as an adjunct to the fair. “`We’ve got the man right here,’ McCormick said.
Ten minutes later, sports editor Arch Ward was in McCormick’s office,” as Ward’s biographer, Tom Littlewood, recounted the meeting.
Ward knew what he wanted: a matchup of the best players in the American and National Leagues.
Chicago Tribune
The Giants legendary skipper, John McGraw, came out of retirement to manage the National League. Connie Mack was at the helm for the American League. The National League lineup included Hall of Famers Frankie Frisch, Gabby Hartnett, Carl Hubbell, Chuck Klein, Bill Terry, Pie Traynor, and Paul Waner.

If you think that lineup wasn’t too shabby, compare it to the American League’s which featured Joe Cronin, Bill Dickey, Jimmy Foxx, Lou Gehrig, Charlie Gehringer, Lefty Gomez, Lefty Grove, Tony Lazzari, Al Simmmons, and oh yeah, a 38-year-old veteran outfielder by the name of Babe Ruth. The old boy hit a second inning two run homer that put the American League ahead 3-0. The game ended with the AL on top, 4-2."

This Day In Sports History (July 6th) – 1983 MLB All-Star Game

"It was on this day in 1983 that the 54th annual Major League Baseball All-Star Game was played.  The game took place at Comiskey Park in Chicago, Illinois, home of the Chicago White Sox.
This game took place exactly 50 years to the day that the first All-Star Game was held, also at Comiskey Park.  Fred Lynn, center fielder of the California Angels, was named the game’s Most Valuable Player, as he hit the first grand slam in All-Star Game history.  Incredibly, Lynn’s grand slam still remains the only one ever hit at a Midsummer Classic.
The American League would go on to win the game by a score of 13-3, snapping the National League’s 11 game winning streak.  The 13 runs scored by the A.L. were the most ever scored in the Midsummer Classic and has since been matched by the A.L. in 1992 and again in 1998."