Thursday, February 18, 2016

Stand and Help!

     While teaching the man to man defense last week I noticed a natural phenomena that occurs almost in every function of daily living throughout the human experience. It had to do with covering the gaps in help defense and movement from the help side to the ball. As an individual, one is in the business of self preservation and making oneself look good. In the man to man defense the name is self evident toward self preservation. One man takes one man.

As Lee Corso would say, "Not so fast!"

    The gap defense in basketball is designed to help your teammate look good. Let your teammate harass on ball with vigorous pressure while he is confident that if he gets beat he has a guy that has his back. It is the ultimate trust fall in basketball.

     Let me ask those that have done a trust fall. How hard is it to let go and fall backwards? How much of a natural feeling is it not to let everything go and let someone else take care of your responsibility to remain upright?  Furthermore, the ability to watch out for your teammate as well as watching your own man responsibility is a constant mind test. Good parallel to everyday life in most situations.

     That is why it is so hard to teach help defense because human nature takes over and is hard to coach the players how to disregard natural tendencies.

Hopefully more to come...