Sunday, February 7, 2016

Coach Quotes I

"What is the best thing you can do in a close game? Drive to the basket and put pressure on the defense! Not jack up jump shots"

How it Really Feels to Coach

-Bob Knight

You got to love it when a teammate from 25 years ago sends you 40 great basketball quotes from the greatest basketball minds of the past and present. Anyway, the assumptions as a coach usually have to fly out of the window. As a coach you cannot assume the kids know the end game situations even if you have prepared properly.
For me, if you are two possessions behind in the last minute, you drive to the basket and take the highest percentage shot, and try for the two for one exchange or better. The look of shock can be found on some coaches when their players start heaving 3 point baskets in desperation with 40 seconds left, and are they are only down by 4.
Coach Knight didn't prefer the games, he preferred the preparation and practice and that takes away a lot of the dangerous assumptions between coaches and players.