Tuesday, February 2, 2016

5 Reasons Why Men Love Rocky Movies

Have you ever looked at a woman's face when you tell her you want to watch the Rocky marathon on TV? I mean really looked at the woman's face. If she is new and has worries about the relationship she may try to become a fan. However, the feeling of disgust for the Oscar Winning film that started it all, is instilled in the gut of every effeminate mammal that can read a book. Here are the top 5 reasons that I can think of that state why some men love Rocky.
  1. When does hard work pay off?  - Rocky films provide a guy who has no accredited education, nor any basic skills for a trade. How many guys walk through life thinking they are worth more than they are getting? We work hard everyday and the end never seems to have a large enough pay off. It's called hope!
  2. He found his beauty - Rocky starts as a guy who does not have any intimate companionship or money. Adrian, of 'Yo Adrian!', provides the perfect diminutive figure for the brute. A true beauty and the beast story. A good aspect of the relationship from a guys perspective is that she provides mostly encouragement, motivation, support, Italian cooking, and a lot of love. Some ask is it better that she really doesn't say much? When she is in the scenes where she has dialogue it is the best scenes of the film. I admit my emotions never are at a higher level than the simple words the she utters in the hospital in Rocky II: "Win."
    Artwork by Lily-Albert-Kakashi
  3. The underdog story - Who doesn't want the Chicago Cubs to bring a world series home to Chicago. Unless you live in St. Louis most folks want to see Steve Bartman's memory fade away. The characters like Apollo Creed who seem to have the world by the tail usually have a target on their back. Everyone wants to beat number 1.
  4. Something from nothing - Usually it takes money to make money. However, Rocky gets picked out of a picture book by Apollo Creed to fight for the championship and a big pay off. He gets more money he would have had if he worked his whole life. How many people buy lottery tickets? The fact that people do, creates the appeal for Rocky films.
  5. Raw eggs - How many guys that were trying to burn off the tire around their waste during the 70s and 80s thought of putting a couple of raw eggs in a cup? Don't forget that when you down the eggs, you get to run out the door and up the streets of Philadelphia to Bill Conti's theme song. I do this every now and then. Except the eggs are over easy, has a side of bacon, and my road work consists of getting down the driveway for the paper.

The anti-Rocky antagonists usually state that the movies are deplorable for a few reasons. The reasons usually include:
1. Boxing is a brutal sport. 
2. Rocky is just an idiot who has no social redeeming qualities. 
3. Rocky is a bad role model for kids. 
4. How can Sylvester Stallone be a good screenwriter, and why is Rambo and everything he does successful in the 80s? (For the jealous ones.)
As usual, I understand both sides. However, don't disturb me when Rocky is on the beach in LA and Adrian is giving her motivational speech. (Butterflies in the stomach...and...scene.)