Sunday, January 31, 2016

NFL Player Quotes

Thank you

When people think they are unlucky because they aren't as successful when they are not rewarded for doing what's expected can create a false idea of success. You can't just do the ordinary stuff and elevate your life to where you feel you are worth as Jerry Rice states.  First you have to develop a goal of where you want to be so you know what expectations are for yourself. A sales job is an easy place to develop those because they are laid out for you.
However, for other careers, if you are not given concrete goals it will be essential that you do that or your life will become stagnant. Once you have set those goals you can't do the same things that you have done before. You need to elevate your game. As a kid playing basketball, when the area knew I was the guy to stop, it got harder and I was getting average results. My mother didn't say it will be okay, she said that I needed to elevate my effort and do unusual things to get where others can't. It has been hard to live up to that everyday but I hope this can remind me and others.