Monday, February 29, 2016

Coach's Quotes February 29th

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A quick way for any player to make himself better is to think about what he himself doesn't like to play against."
- Bob Knight

When I was in high school my coach use to plaster Coach Knight quotes all over the place. As a coach I find myself thinking about what defense would work in the next game. I try to look at other teams tendencies and top scorers and so on and so forth. Sometimes when the scouting isn't sufficient I often think to myself that I really hated playing against people that were in my face the whole game and never let me breathe without smelling it. 
Now as an offense minded player it would be easy to think that the more tools you have in your toolbox the harder it is to guard. Or if you do only one thing well make sure it fits into the game plan. However, the common sense part of this quote is that if it is hard to guard then by logic do the thing that is hard to stop. In other words, if it hurts when you bang your head against the wall then don't bang your head against the wall. 
Bobby Knight was also quoted as saying that a coach shouldn't have to be there to push you, and that you should want to get better internally without any external pressure or coaching to seek out things and practice what will help you succeed. 
If that is what made Jordan, Magic, Bird, Curry, Lebron, KD, all the above successful...Then do that.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Coach's Quotes February 27th

"The greatest sin a coach can commit is to allow kids to slide by. This goes for the classroom as well as the court." 

- Hubie Brown

The feelings kids have when you actually tell them what it takes to be successful at the sport they want to play, most look at you and say, "You're crazy." Notice that I didn't say the best at the sport they choose. All that I meant was successful. The next thing I want kids to learn is that the hours you put into the work, isn't enough. The important thing should be the actual amount of intense work they do within a small period of time instead of a long period of time with few minutes of purposeful work. 
If players spend 3 hours in the gym that is awesome, but what did they work on in 3 hours. Nobody can give an intense and focused work out for 3 hours. It would be better to work intensely for 1 to 2 hours everyday instead of 4 hours every 3 days. However, that is just my philosophy. 
Trust me, if I would have practiced this everyday in my life, I would have accomplished so much more in my life. Young players can start now.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Sports Philosopher: Coach's Quotes February 26

Sports Philosopher: Coach's Quotes February 26: Thank you  Basketball for Coaches Taking advice from one of the most successful coaches in the NBA is what Sports Philosopher can veheme...

Coach's Quotes February 26

Thank you Basketball for Coaches
Taking advice from one of the most successful coaches in the NBA is what Sports Philosopher can vehemently recommend. Everyday life translations for this simple quote that seems obvious from first glance, is for people that want to be an island and do everything for themselves. Don't do that. Self-sufficiency is important but the sooner you can accept others into your life's goals as key players can expand your capabilities exponentially. Call it collaboration or teamwork, it makes your reach wider. Whether it is a sales team, tech support team, or the best coach in the NBA, a functional bench can increase the chances of success when there are things that you cannot control that plague the game. 
As for life advice, start getting along and love all those in your life that are good or bad. Once you start doing that and get rid of vengeance or anger towards others, the world will become your oyster.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

This Day in Sports History February 25th


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1963 - Paul O'neill was born today in 1963. He played for the Cincinnati Reds and the New York Yankees. Paul O'neill's Stats

Deaths to Be Remembered

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1990 - Jersey Joe Walcott passed away on this day in 1990. He became the oldest person to win the heavyweight boxing championship at 37 years old until George Foreman broke his record.


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1933 - Thomas Yawkey purchases the Boston Red Sox

Tell 'em Bill Murray

“If you make every game a life and death proposition, you’re going to have problems. For one thing, you’ll be dead a lot.”
- Dean Smith

          The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat can make people strive for excellence, and sometimes at the expense of a few rules every now and then. However, sometimes winning vs. losing can bring people to a level they normally would never get to if they did not have a goal.
          I saw a young man recently graduated from college at a gym, and he told me about where he works, and what he studied. I talked to him for a minute, and said keep working and you will reach your goals. Then, after I said that, he looked down as if he were a little depressed. Here is how coach of the  +North Carolina Tar Heels, Dean Smith, and his quote fits in to this observation. Some people, if not most, need a yearly/monthly/daily goal to keep them focused and on track. If Dean Smith didn’t have a goal to win every game, and subsequent steps to get there, would he have become the most storied coach in the game of college basketball? Of course not, but you get my point when I say that in my life there have been some aimless intermissions that led to apathetic times where my goals were forgotten; and those apathetic times were the most unhappy times for myself, and those around me.
          Yes, I know, winning isn’t everything as stated by Bill Murray in this VIDEO LINK, but a goal doesn’t necessarily have to be related to winning.


        Maybe it can be just a benchmark, and if you even try to get there and don’t succeed, you might be in a place you may never have gotten to if you didn’t set that goal. 

"The art of winning can lead to goals, but the agony of losing should keep you on track to win."
- Chris Powers

          Oh, and I will end with another win for +Marquette University coach Al McGuire over Dean Smith:

“Winning is overrated. The only time it is really important is in surgery and war.”

- Al McGuire

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

This Day in Sports History February 24th


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1978 - Kevin Porter of the New Jersey Nets sets and NBA record with 29 assists in a game.


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1956 - Eddie Murray. Baseball player for the Orioles, Dodgers, Mets, Indians, and Angels.


Thank You Baseball-Almanac
1990 - Tony Conigliaro, Boston Red Sox, passes away from pneumonia at the age of 45.

Monday, February 22, 2016

NHL Playoffs!...High School Hockey Video!

I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out. That is what we used to say. You have to say it right, it's Hauw-key, when you got that right you can make the great pass from the point, screen off the goalie, tip the puck for the redirection, make a three line pass, and when you get off of the penalty and the +Chicago Blackhawks are at full strength you can shout, "And they still suck!!" Go +Detroit Red Wings FanPage.
Ah, +NHL hockey, nothing makes a midwestern boy in the south happier than seeing a kid asking questions about the game you used to play on the frozen pond outside in the state surrounded by the Great Lakes. I will never forget my first Red Wings v. Blackhawks game. It was at the United Center, and Chris Chelios and Darin McCarty threw the gloves to the ice when time expired. The verbal abuse from the crowd back and forth about who has the worst state, Michigan or Illinois, was just as heated.
I used to attend our high school's hockey games, and those guys were great athletes. As a basketball player I had nothing but respect for the game. When hits were made in hockey in our school, you didn't stand and taunt or jump around, you simply skated away and kept playing as if it was part of the game. (Hint: It is. So act like it.) So for now, without Foster Hewitt or Ron MacLean, let's drop the puck, and watch some high school "Hauwckey"!!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Stand and Help!

     While teaching the man to man defense last week I noticed a natural phenomena that occurs almost in every function of daily living throughout the human experience. It had to do with covering the gaps in help defense and movement from the help side to the ball. As an individual, one is in the business of self preservation and making oneself look good. In the man to man defense the name is self evident toward self preservation. One man takes one man.

As Lee Corso would say, "Not so fast!"

    The gap defense in basketball is designed to help your teammate look good. Let your teammate harass on ball with vigorous pressure while he is confident that if he gets beat he has a guy that has his back. It is the ultimate trust fall in basketball.

     Let me ask those that have done a trust fall. How hard is it to let go and fall backwards? How much of a natural feeling is it not to let everything go and let someone else take care of your responsibility to remain upright?  Furthermore, the ability to watch out for your teammate as well as watching your own man responsibility is a constant mind test. Good parallel to everyday life in most situations.

     That is why it is so hard to teach help defense because human nature takes over and is hard to coach the players how to disregard natural tendencies.

Hopefully more to come...

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Blame It On My ADD

Maybe too quick for our time.
“It gets late early out there."                           -Yogi Berra

At the request of a few readers I was prompted to explain why this is either funny or interesting. Since it was put so eloquently I will pontificate. 
In baseball, or in life, sometimes you get so far behind with doing what you are supposed to be doing to be successful, the deadline gets shorter exponentially not in the normal progression of time.

"Blame it on my ADD, baby." AWOLNATION

In baseball, usually you would like to throw your reliever in late in the game to protect a lead or stay close. Sometimes you are getting clobbered in the first two innings. Therefore, the quick witted Yogi, said his famous quote.

"However, I feel with today's instant access to entertainment gratification, some feel that if you can't understand something within a few download seconds it isn't worth the time to think any deeper." - Chris Powers

Whatever, you get from this quote, and other quotes this man has come up with, I find it to be hilarious. I really don't need a duck sitting next to him to make it funnier.

Aflac Duck. Thank you Gilbert Gottfried.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Turn Up!!

"Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."
-  Howard Thurman

          We tend to be our own market survey predictors by choosing what is the most employable skill, which in the end isn't a bad idea. What I take Mr. Thurman's quote to be is for someone to pursue a passion. As in; if a passion can turn into something you do for a living, then you will reach for the heights that has no limits. Becoming a professional athlete is reachable, however incredibly small the chances might be, but the passion for the entire field of that sport or sports has to be contained. The same goes for the healthcare field or law. Feeling a need to sleep through a day would leave me to believe you are not doing what can make you come alive.
          This quote should leave you with some questions. For instance, how do I know what will consistently make me come alive? To which I answer; constant nirvana doesn't exist, but the feelings should exemplify one's constant pursuit of excellence. The problem with achieving what this quote lays out is that to find out what that 'what' is; can take a lot of failure and hard work, and once you are doing that 'what' will still be a sacrifice at times. That is why I felt unfulfilled in the past, and that is why I feel others might as well. I wish everyone good luck in their pursuit of passion, which is what I will hope brings happiness and fulfillment. 

Monday, February 15, 2016

Top 7 Rule Changes Needed

Basketball: The dimensions of the court needs to be expanded. The average height of man has grown 4 inches over the last 100 years, and the average height for women has grown over 1 inch. People still argue with Charles Darwin on all aspects. Just call it trait change or adaptive radiation instead of evolution. The folks that disagree might not realize they are synonyms or what the word synonym means. Yes, people still argue the fact that things might change over 4.54 billion years. 

Football: If the ball comes out before the whistle blows it's a fumble. Hold on to the ball. Stop making it easier on the offense. It is already really hard to play defense. The offense knows what they are doing before play starts. Maybe they should expand the field, also; if they are concerned about scoring. Oh yeah, and don't make a call until after it has been reviewed. It is too hard to overturn.

Baseball: I wouldn't dare. I don't know why, but I just feel like that's what I should say. Maybe clone Derek Jeter so each team can have one.

NHL: Direct mail/email campaigns explaining the rules to those who didn't grow up playing on the frozen ponds. I did, and I don't watch as much because I have to hold a Hockey 101 class with every person in the room. It makes me miss the one goal my team scores to win it in the 3rd and last period. They play periods not quarters. I have to order water instead because of the cotton mouth from explaining the adaptive radiation of the icing call or the FOX experiment with the laser puck.

Soccer: Don't change a thing. It's growing popularity.  Even for the folks that don't like it, because when they watch a meaningful game, they do. The World Cup is analogous to the Olympics.

Tiddlywinks: Change the name to Totally Intense Checker Chucking or TICC and then market like crazy.  There are people all over twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn that can help you with growing your following apparently. Pop over to play some TICC. Bring Lymes.

Underwater Basket Weaving: Raise awareness against the negative use of the idiom for the sake of the millions of folks and their personal household decor preferences. Maybe dump baskets filled with ice water on people.

Star Wars Checkers Game (As seen on Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope): Isn't it about time?

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Football Execution

John Mckay and Steve Spurrier
Tampa Bay coach, John Mckay, was asked about his team's execution. He responded:

"I'm all in favor of it."

Sometimes, as a coach, you just feel helpless to turn a situation around. The only thing you can actively do is say some crazy stuff. You can't play so the frustration can lead to a coach saying some crazy things. Things will come out of coaches mouths, and they will look at me like they have no idea why they would say something like that.

However, once and a while, the stress will lead to some really good stuff. If you get a chance in the future try to listen to coaches like Steve Spurrier when they have interviews. They really tell it like it is. It can make some people cringe, but the honesty is priceless.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Coach Quotes II

"Basketball is a team game. But that doesn't mean all five players should take the same amount of shots."

- Dean Smith

Dean Smith. Artwork Link
No yourself, and no your worth. +DrakeVEVO The hardest thing to do as a person is to realize what you are weakest at, and improve. While you are improving those, give the gifts you have to others so that those around you can benefit and succeed. That is how a team grows. +ESPN 
Someday, as a player, you may be able to contribute in ways you couldn't before through your hard work. This kind of revelation takes time and trust. For example, develop the shot, while you contribute your ball handling abilities or defensive prowess.
Ask yourself if you can truly help the greater good at what you want to do, rather than what you can do, that is what can create a great team mindset. That's only the beginning.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

You Think that I Thought I Could?!?

"We have a great bunch of outside shooters. Unfortunately, all our games are played indoors." 
Weldon Drew

          The jump-shot, the set shot, the free throw, the layup, the floater, the bank shot, the granny shot, the sky hook, the baby hook, the hook shot, the reverse layup, the half court shot, the 3/4 court shot, the full court shot, the 3-point shot, the 2-point shot, the midrange shot, the fade away, the double clutch, the dunk, the lay-in, the one hand under hand, the one hand over hand, or just the absolutely no shot.

          You usually can't find a player that is particularly versed in all types of shots. Those that are can usually be found in the hall of fame if they can combine that mastery with athleticism and size. Like baseball, golf, aspects of football; perfection can be strived for but never obtained.
          As Wilt Chamberlain states, people say practice makes perfect, but you can't make them all, can't they make up their minds?

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Exploit This

"I knew I was dog meat. Luckily, I'm the high-priced dog meat that everybody wants. I'm the good-quality dog meat. I'm the Alpo of the NBA."
- Shaquille O'Neal
Up, up, and away!
          Exploitation is funny, it makes a cloudy day sunny, makes a bee think of honey just like I think of who? The previous rip off of a classic song brings up the topic of a touchy subject for players and workers of corporations or other business organizations. It seems sometimes that when you work, invent, or develop a new and better way to do something your work leads to more money to an organization without an increase in worth for you. Of course, the Shaqs of the world have a worth that is already monetarily superior to most, but people still want to feel appreciated or be paid what they perceive they are worth.
Straight cash, homey.
          For someone that works hard everyday, a company should celebrate the accomplishment of that person even if the pay is not increased. Positivity and recognition go a long way to make someone feel that they are doing the right things, no matter how unapproachable the person.
          In regards to athletes that are perceived to make too much money on a yearly basis or over time, you have to remember how willing people are to put money into what they do, thus creating justification for the money they are able to receive. The market bears the pay. The life of a person's athletic career is short lived, and sometimes the sacrifices players make justifies the means provided as well. 
I'd eat this if it means I would win
If you take away monetary awards for athletes, we wouldn't have the amount of people trying to achieve the goal of a professional sports career. I know people think that it is an absurdity that players make this amount of money for playing a game, but; the physical strain, time sacrifice, and family sacrifice is often forgotten. During high school, on a Friday night when some of my classmates went to house parties, I was in the gym working on basketball skills. There are many other examples of how I spent time on perfecting a game that didn't come easy, or at least some aspects of the game that didn't come easy. This focus for some student athletes will keep them away from a situation in which a bad decision can alter their life or the lives of others. Also, the motivation to do well in school or even stay in school to be able to play is created where; if not there, life success would be far from achieved. 

Another brick
           You might think diplomas and degrees should be the reason kids should strive for excellence, but the careers offered through traditional education might not provide what a student needs. The argument is out there that the traditional high school diploma or a liberal arts college degree doesn't provide a competitive advantage in the job market. Two year trade or tech schools can provide a better opportunity in comparison to most four year college liberal arts or other nonspecific degree that does not offer a specific niche when a kid leaves college. Getting a four year degree and higher does provide more income over an entire life span, but to start, it can be extremely difficult. The industrial age as we once knew it even in my lifetime is waning, and the need to create new skills and abilities is evident. Most schools are still designed after the 1920s. I am not a rebel by any means, but as a teacher that has worked for twenty five years in 5 different industries in the business world I see the disconnect at times.
          Keep in mind all of the wonderful things that have come our way that is all due to someone saying, "I'm going to try this in a different way." The athlete or coach isn't to blame for the way we value certain things, and the sports world teaches very valuable life lessons in many character aspects. It is very hard to duplicate that in a classroom. However, I will continue to try in my classroom or in the gym as a coach, and will hope my colleagues keep trying no matter how the classroom may change.
          In the end, the climate in sports may change, but life will evolve, and no one knows how. The fool thinks he/she is wise, and the wise thinks he/she is a fool, and one should never think he/she knows how things are nor how they will be. Remember if someone uses/exploits your talents in a certain way think of it as mostly a compliment but make sure you have what you need to pursue your happiness. I wish you all prosperity in wealth, and; in mind, in body, and in soul.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

College Football Bowl Games 13 Year Results

Since 2002, +ESPN has been crowning the winner of the Capital One Bowl Game Challenge. The challenge crowns the conference with the best winning percentage in Bowl Games. There have been 10 conferences that have been tabulated for 13 years. The top conferences have always been stated as the SEC, Big 10, Pac-12, ACC, and the Big 12. However, out of those teams only the ACC has won more than 1 challenge with 2 wins. The SEC, Big 10, Pac 12, and Big 12 have only one win each making them all inferior to the Mountain West, and Conference USA. The result have been posted below.
What are the reasons the top conferences can't win the challenge as much as the others? I will let the excuses as answers start to flow, but if they want to win maybe they shouldn't play the competition they claim to be that strong? Can we use the phrase if we can't beat them, join them? I guess calling them the best conferences as a whole might not be appropriate. Could we just call them elite? Or the colleges with the most endowments that trickle down to the lesser every now and then? For example, Appalachian State. Could it be that they are mostly top heavy with below average depth in the conference? Let the debate begin again.


Monday, February 8, 2016

My Guy Is Better Than Yours List

As I read the +USA TODAY article on Avisail Garcia, the young +Chicago White Sox sensation, I recalled the several million times I have had similar conversations. The conversation starts with asking, "Do you think this person is as good as this person was?". The article stated that Bo Jackson, the former two sport athlete, saying that he sees himself in Avisail Garcia. That statement by Bo Jackson usually starts an elongated debate, that is self evident by this article. However I am not debating the fact the this young baseball player, is; better, worse, or the same as Bo Jackson; what I wanted to point out is that the debate about who is better drives me crazy. So...Why should I be the only one who suffers? I am going to bring you in on all of the misery.
Here are the list of some of the root canal enduring, soul draining debates from comparing players in my past:
  1. Lebron James v. Michael Jordan
  2. Barry Sanders v. Jim Brown or Emmitt Smith or Walter Payton
  3. Bill Russell v. Wilt Chamberlain
  4. Wilt Chamberlain v. Kareem Abdul Jabbar
  5. Kobe Bryant v. Michael Jordan
  6. Tim Duncan v. Kareem Abdul Jabbar
  7. Jerry Rice v. Any NFL Receiver (Why is Jerry Rice so hard to defend?)
  8. Pete Rose v. Rod Carew v. Tony Gwynn v. Ted Williams (This one usually follows with a tribunal about Pete Rose and the reason he is not in the Baseball Hall Of Fame.)
  9. Nolan Ryan v. Roger Clemons
  10. Magic Johnson v. Michael Jordan
We are not physicians at +Sports Philosopher , but we usually take a few migraine headache relievers and/or mild sedatives before engaging in these conversations with some people. Feel free to indulge in a non-satisfying foray into the madness that is sports history debates.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Coach Quotes I

"What is the best thing you can do in a close game? Drive to the basket and put pressure on the defense! Not jack up jump shots"

How it Really Feels to Coach

-Bob Knight

You got to love it when a teammate from 25 years ago sends you 40 great basketball quotes from the greatest basketball minds of the past and present. Anyway, the assumptions as a coach usually have to fly out of the window. As a coach you cannot assume the kids know the end game situations even if you have prepared properly.
For me, if you are two possessions behind in the last minute, you drive to the basket and take the highest percentage shot, and try for the two for one exchange or better. The look of shock can be found on some coaches when their players start heaving 3 point baskets in desperation with 40 seconds left, and are they are only down by 4.
Coach Knight didn't prefer the games, he preferred the preparation and practice and that takes away a lot of the dangerous assumptions between coaches and players.

Super Bowl 50 Pregame Show

Super Bowl 50 Pregame Show

This is a Carolina Panthers slant on Super Bowl 50. Chris Powers is back for the camera work, director, and editing of his 10 film, and 3rd Super Bowl special. 

Saturday, February 6, 2016

42 - Top 3 Jackie Robinson Quotes

Art by Rob Wood
After I read the blog +Detroit Tigers today I had a link to the number that stirs a lot of civil rights emotions. I turned 42 recently, and everyone who knows baseball, knows that 42 is Jackie Robinson's number, the first African American baseball player to don a Major League Baseball Uniform in the history of the sport. In the past few years I have watched the movie; 42. It was uplifting. I got angry. And those that still harbor these kind of feelings for folks just because they look different makes me feel that way. Not just race/color, if we still call it that, but everything about a physical appearance that a person may physically observe in regards to someone else that gives rise to discrimination or a generalization based on a stereotype. 
Does that make me holier than thou? I don't want make myself out to be perfect, nor do I want people to feel that I judge them, but I do like when I reflect on how I can be less of a jerk about peoples uncontrollable appearance.
Anyway without further adieu, according to Sports Philosopher, the Top 3 Jackie Robinson related Quotes:

1. "Life is not a spectator sport. If you are going to spend your whole life in the grandstands just watching what goes on, in my opinion you're wasting your life."

2. "A life isn't important except the impact it has on other lives."

3. "Baseball is like a poker game. Nobody wants to quit when he is losing, and nobody wants you to quit when you're ahead."