Friday, February 26, 2016

Coach's Quotes February 26

Thank you Basketball for Coaches
Taking advice from one of the most successful coaches in the NBA is what Sports Philosopher can vehemently recommend. Everyday life translations for this simple quote that seems obvious from first glance, is for people that want to be an island and do everything for themselves. Don't do that. Self-sufficiency is important but the sooner you can accept others into your life's goals as key players can expand your capabilities exponentially. Call it collaboration or teamwork, it makes your reach wider. Whether it is a sales team, tech support team, or the best coach in the NBA, a functional bench can increase the chances of success when there are things that you cannot control that plague the game. 
As for life advice, start getting along and love all those in your life that are good or bad. Once you start doing that and get rid of vengeance or anger towards others, the world will become your oyster.