Saturday, February 27, 2016

Coach's Quotes February 27th

"The greatest sin a coach can commit is to allow kids to slide by. This goes for the classroom as well as the court." 

- Hubie Brown

The feelings kids have when you actually tell them what it takes to be successful at the sport they want to play, most look at you and say, "You're crazy." Notice that I didn't say the best at the sport they choose. All that I meant was successful. The next thing I want kids to learn is that the hours you put into the work, isn't enough. The important thing should be the actual amount of intense work they do within a small period of time instead of a long period of time with few minutes of purposeful work. 
If players spend 3 hours in the gym that is awesome, but what did they work on in 3 hours. Nobody can give an intense and focused work out for 3 hours. It would be better to work intensely for 1 to 2 hours everyday instead of 4 hours every 3 days. However, that is just my philosophy. 
Trust me, if I would have practiced this everyday in my life, I would have accomplished so much more in my life. Young players can start now.