Friday, July 22, 2016

The Answer - Sports, Education, & Corporations. Oh my!

Jalen Rose Leadership Academy

Mr. Jalen Rose did not give me permission to post this but as an educator I felt I needed to bring a philosophy to light.  Educational Acts by the leaders in this country can pass, but that is only one aspect of the wheel that needs to role. We need intelligent cooperation between citizens, government departments, and corporations. Sports leaders are now a legitimate spoke in this wheel as a result of an individual +NBA on ESPN player and sports analyst and their are other players in sports that are doing similar acts. Yes, the academy didn't start smooth and on fire, but what institution does? He just did it, and it is growing.
I was born in Detroit within a year or two from Jalen Rose and faced his teammate at the University of Michigan when I was in high school in the final four in the State of Michigan. Jalen was in the upper division and I watched his team win the title in the Palace of Auburn Hills from the stands. Chris Webber was the player I faced and will never forget the fun that run offered.
As a 6th year science teacher and 17 year basketball coach, with a Masters in Educational Leadership Degree, I am going to throw my hat in the ring and I'm going to do it with basketball clinics. How?with my company Coop Basketball. How will I make this work on a teacher's salary. By hard work and a business background and a little help from my friends. Anything is possible, right +Kevin Garnett?
My thoughts and goals/dreams for this venture are not realized yet but the ball is rolling.
If you tell me I can't do it, then; whether it is prudent or not, that means I will never give up.