Saturday, August 27, 2016

Quote of the Day August 27th

This quote, it's what separates the teams that succeed and don't. The ability not just to stick to a game plan but being able to do things that opponents don't want to do within the game plan.
If a team sticks to what it does well it might be playing to the opponents strengths. Of course, sometimes, the strengths of a team is just too good and hard to overcome for opponents because of talent or athleticism or both. It has been said that until you get out of your comfort zone that is when you start to live. In basketball, when you make a team play outside of their comfort zone, that is when you start winning. Winning can provide the life most teams need to thrive as a unit. This has been your Sports Philosophy for the day.
(Thank you General Knight. I sat in a school auditorium at Robert Morris University as a high school player attending at a Five Star Camp. The intensity that you portrayed was inspiring when I was a player.)