Monday, May 22, 2017

Buy Lavar Ball?!?

     First, here is the facts of this man's story. He has a son, Lonzo Ball, that is a potential NBA Draft pick and has the chance to make millions. Lavar went on talk shows and made statements that brought attention from many people in the sports world and in other interest areas. Some of the attention has been controversial and became a deeper story when he announced his own shoe line that would retail at over an estimated $300 for his new company.
Big Baller Brand Shoes

     Well...this article is about the pros and cons of what Mr. Ball brings to the table. Everyone brings pros and cons to the table. There are no exceptions in life simply due to the fact that there is always; a, yin and yang, right and wrong, dark and light, good and evil etc... However, I'm going to give the reader license to decipher what is a pro and con of Mr. Ball's journey. I'm not going to dictate what that is to the individual reader. I believe in the philosophy of individual thought with the goal of unity.

     Lavar Ball's entrance into the public eye may have hinged upon the success of his son's athletic career. Shouldn't family help family get stronger? Hasn't the original family model fit all people into roles based on what the family needs? Lavar's son is probably going to make 7 figures playing in the NBA, but that's his son's money. Lavar is trying to make his money, to make his family stronger, is that wrong? Are we jealous as a society for his spot in the limelight, and potential to breakthrough as a shoe maker? Is that wrong, Honey Boo Boo?

Lavar Ball & son Lonzo Ball
     The method of his vault into the headlines and discussions on sports talk shows may have put some people off. In fact, that was expressed by opinions in most social media outlets. I tend to think 10 years from now and the impact of this gentleman's pursuit of happiness. Will the manner in which he started his company be the lasting point or will his legacy continue with the growth of his company brand. Do most people know how Nike started? I'm not going to equate Lavar Ball with Nike, but isn't that a good goal to have? Doesn't everyone have to start somewhere? Maybe this is his dream. Didn't he do what he could to seize his moment and this has led to the general population's attention and some discontent.

     Lavar is my contemporary; and, like him, I feel sometimes like I want to leave behind a legacy or pursue what I want to do instead of what I have to do to survive. Kudos to you; Lavar, from my end, for that fact.

     Finally, the thought that there would be no one out there that would buy what this man is putting down can be narrow focused and egocentric in my philosophy. There are many other aspects to this debate that I will leave on the table for further thought and discussion.

So, what is your philosophy on this issue, if it is?